Recommend root Android use Rootkhp program



Rootkhpprogram to become root on Android, innovation of this program, a simple interface, easier to simply have nowhere to go. and it is free. About What is root and why is it a big article was written with the examples needed.

The program picks up a certain sployt device. And by the way, when I got to root for her, did not give notification of whether the device is connected. So first connect the mobile device to the computer, and then press the Root button. As a result, I managed to get root access to two brand new Android smartphone, the first by Huawei, the second from Samsung (Android 5.1 and Android 6), and I tested it on an old HTC One S.

Recommend Rootkhp program for easy one click root (PC version)

With HTC allowance program for 10 minutes longer than the others, because it seems to me that on HTC One S still had to unlock Bootloader, (specifically I decided to try to unlocked Bootloader, Well, what if the program is able). As a result, all devices had full access to the system.

Instructions to the program Rootkhp

I tell how to use Rutkhp, Suddenly anyone with English very hard. I recommend download Rootkhp not here, but on the official website (forgive me the administration), because often overlook updating the program!

  1. Download the Rootkhp
  2. Connect your phone to a PC
  3. The program runs without installation
  4. Click on the orange Root button and wait for messages that work has begun



  5. We are waiting for 10 minutes and a message saying that everything is ready

Update program button on the right – shows us the official website of the program, where you can get an update.
Apk version, to get root without computer It is preparing, according to the developers. In this manual, I showed you work with Rootkhp 1.4.

Who Rutkhp developer?

The names of the developers I do not know, but I think it is the official website can be found.

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