How to root Qtek 1010

Obtaining root Qtek 1010

You bought for myself a new Android smartphone or tablet and want to extend receive functionality and root right Qtek 1010? Site Androidgoroot tell how to do it, read and watch our instruction video support.

Root rights for Android

root rights- is superuser system (elevated privileges to operating system Android). Having root, you can install many useful programs, such as software for overclocking clock processor program for automation of action, can improve energy efficiency. More information can be found here.

Instruction how to root the Qtek 1010

Option 1

  • Download the program KingoRoot on computer
  • Install and Kingo run
  • Enable USB debugging on your mobile device

    Obtaining root Qtek 1010

  • Connect the tablet to a PC via the microUSB cable (certainly better than the original wire)
  • Wait until you see Kingo device

    Obtaining root Qtek 1010

  • Click Root (located at the bottom center)

    Obtaining root Qtek 1010

    Obtaining root Qtek 1010

    Obtaining root Qtek 1010
  • Wait for the process and restart the device

Video on the program is available below.

Option 2

  • Download the program Root Genius;
  • Enable USB debugging on your device (USB Debugging) and connect it to a computer via microUSB wire;
    Obtaining root Qtek 1010
    Obtaining root Qtek 1010

    • Wait until your definition Device Applications
    • Press "Root now"  and the process starts
Obtaining root Qtek 1010
Below there is a video how you can check for root rights. After completion of the process Check your device.
Obtaining root Qtek 1010
Those that either did not work, look at the video, showing how to work with RootGenius, see below. You can even watch a video without sound, it is only important to the program, repeat steps.

How to install CyanogenMod on Qtek 1010?

If you have information how to install the firmware CyanogenMod will be greatly appreciated if you share information with us through the form of comments.

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