What is the root

What is the root

Do you have a smartphone or tablet running the Android operating system, and you want to improve its performance and functionality, but still do not know how? One solution obtain rights to root on Android.

What do the root right?

This super user privileges in the operating system. You can do with your Android phone a lot:

  • Increase the processor frequency (overlocking CPU)
  • Reduce energy savings by lowering the CPU clock
  • Automated actions
  • Remove ads in the applications and games
  • Create your own firmware
  • Hide the onscreen buttons
  • Porting applications on a memory card SD, MicroSD, and so on
  • Remove service and system Android application if you do not need
  • And much more

As you can see a big list, but the many opportunities I have not mentioned. I think every Android user needs at least one of these opportunities.

Root can be obtained using different programs and applications, and there are options without using a computer, not all programs are running on a particular phone model. There should be checked empirically.

Example get root rights

For example, get root rights, I can show you the video and you will understand that it is not difficult.